• We establish safe, stable and supportive one-to-one relationships between high school and university students.
  • The continuity and consistency of the mentoring experience is key to our students’ development. It is often the main source of support in their lives.
  • All of our youth live well below the poverty line; many have come from homeless, transitioning homeless, and other extreme hardship backgrounds.
  • Our students grow so comfortable with their respective mentors, they become comfortable discussing any element of their lives with them. 
  • Our mentors are often the first to be notified of a problem which allows us to best mobilize our resources and tackle the issue together.
  • Our network of respected professionals ensure that our mentors are always supported when helping their mentees through troubling situations.
  • Since our inception in 2011, Project Rousseau has supported over 2500. 

If you are interested in becoming a mentor please click here.