Our mission

At Project Rousseau, our mission is to empower youth in communities with the greatest need to reach their full potential and pursue higher education.

Our four pillars

We establish safe, stable and supportive one-to-one relationships between high school and university students. The continuity and consistency of mentoring is key to our students and almost always is a significant change from the other sources of support in their lives. 


We encourage our students to use their skills and talents to give back regularly to the community in a meaningful way. We believe they should develop a habit of caring for others and develop strong bonds with those they serve.  

From standardized test prep to core subject support to homework help, we offer a range of academic programs, after school, on the weekends, and in the summer. We are thrilled to offer fascinating academic electives on top of this, ranging from French to a Model United Nations team. 

Broadening Horizons

We expose our students to new environments, people and cultures. We believe all new experiences are good experiences, as they encourage our students to dream bigger for their futures.

News & Announcements