College Success

Project Rousseau’s new College Success Program is a comprehensive set of programming, resources, and support to ensure success through college. The program, which began in Summer 2018, aims to work with students through their college graduation. The College Success Program takes a holistic approach to college-level guidance similar to the methods used throughout Project Rousseau’s programming for school-aged children. This year the program is supporting students at Princeton, Vanderbilt, and McGill University among many other colleges across the U.S.



Kiara is a freshman at Vanderbilt University where her own Project Rousseau mentors attended. Through the College Success Program, Kiara has developed her confidence to speak up in class debates and been connected to various on-campus support services. Kiara is also active in her extra-curricular pursuits, including becoming a Project Rousseau mentor!

College Success works in four main areas: academics, non-cognitive skill development, summer and post-graduate employment support, and “X-Factor.”

Academic guidance includes: weekly monitoring of academic progress, tutoring in all subjects, assistance with writing assignments, weekly reminder emails on upcoming assignments, monthly check-in meetings with the College Success Advisor, and application support for community college students applying to four-year colleges. Non-cognitive skill development covers essential study skills such as note taking, making review sheets, and self-regulated learning assessments.

For those who are interested, College Success provides summer and post-graduate employment support through meetings to discuss and plan employment goals and interview preparation exercises. In addition, Project Rousseau students hold reserved spots at certain internships which College Success students are eligible for.

The final aspect of College Success is “X-Factor,” a support system designed to assist students in pursuing their passions and extracurricular interests with the assistance of the College Success Advisor.

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Adja, a freshman at McGill University and a College Success Program participant, has been working with a Project Rousseau advisor to prepare for her first semester. She has received help filling out study permit forms, learned about what the typical freshman semester entails, and tips on adapting to college life.