Broadening Horizons

  • Our Broadening Horizons pillar exposes our students to new environments, people and cultures - all new experiences are good experiences, as they encourage our students to dream bigger for their futures.

  • Initially, for many of our students, college admissions are a mystery. Professions such as “lawyer,” “journalist” or “forensic pathologist” are obscure and they’re unfamiliar with parts of their own city, let alone the country at large.

  • Our students visit local college campuses, then we take them to other venues throughout the city, including concert halls, museums, art galleries and professional sports stadiums.

  • We also offer a variety of domestic exchange programs, in which Project Rousseau students from one city get to experience life in another city. For example, students from New York might meet their peers in Chicago.

  • Finally, we have extraordinary international programs based in Copenhagen, London, Montréal, and Tokyo.

  • In 2016 we launched our first international internships with students interning at the European Parliament in Brussels and King's Academy, Jordan.

  • Since 2011, 175 students have travelled abroad with Project Rousseau.